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Trinity Research and Consulting

 (904) 536-4250

Trinity Research and Consulting's goal is to partner with organizations and provide data driven solutions to optimize growth.

Let's Work Together

Our goal is to be an integral part of our client's organization and to be a positive influence in our community. 

Why Trinity Research and Consulting? 

Our firm uses the best technologies on the market and we are constantly looking for the latest in data platforms to provide you with the best in-class information services. Explore Trinity Research and Consulting's solutions. 

Discover Solutions Together

Trinity Research and Consulting's goal is to partner with for-profit and nonprofit organizations and provide data driven solutions to optimize growth.

Why do we exist?  Our goal is to be an integral part of our client's organization and to be a positive influence in our community. 

About Trinity Research and Consulting

Data and statistical analyst with over 20 years of experience offering clients business solutions through data collection, data validation, data modeling, strategy development, and accurate and detailed reporting. Dr. Young is proficient in SAS and R.

Additionally, we have access to a brilliant Ph.D. statistician and data scientist who has over 10 years of experience with exploratory data analysis, statistics, automation, visualization, and predictive modeling.  Real world experience with supervised and unsupervised machine learning algorithms.  

Meet Our Founder and Principal

Clauda Young, Ph.D.

Everything that we do will be done with your organization's best interest in mind.  We strive to provide the best in class solutions for you.  If we cannot help, then we will be transparent and tell you so.


Our team will be totally committed to providing you with an honest evaluation and solution to meet the needs of your organization.


We are committed to gaining your trust through transparency and two-way communication.


We are working for you!  Our desire is to be a team member and not just a "consultant".  We will listen to you when issues arise and we will work together to resolve any and all issues for a successful relationship.  We will learn as much from your organization as you will learn from us.


How can we do this?



Trinity Research and Consulting will take your data and thoroughly examine, clean, summarize, and output what we discover with the goal of providing a basis for

strategic direction.


Trinity Research and Consulting will perform  inferential statistical tests, predictive modeling, regression analysis and other statistical techniques to drive the formation of tactics to accomplish your business goals .


Trinity Research and Consulting will review non-proprietary competitive and consumer data to help you better understand your industry and market.  This will allow us to develop strategies focused on your company's growth.


Trinity Research and Consulting will aid your business in compiling and/or organizing your data for the purpose of strategy development.


This is the end product of our services.  Analyzing the data, Trinity Research and Consulting will work with you to develop initiatives to exploit all avenues for growth and retention.

Capability Statement

Learn what sets

Trinity Research and Consulting apart.


A few words from our clients.

One of the most beneficial contributions Dr. Young and TRC have made to MyFamily Orthodontics was their analyst of our marketing platform data and website design. Thanks to their ingenuity, we have streamlined our new patient marketing targets and are happy to report an increase in new patient consultations of 47%. 

Lauris L. Johnson, DMD


MyFamily Orthodontics

The foresight and expertise exhibited by Trinity Research and Consulting have not only instilled confidence in our initial business decisions but have also paved the way for our future growth. We wholeheartedly recommend their services and consider their contribution to our business as an integral part of our progress.

Alisa Coleman, Founder/President

A & L Quality Consulting, LLC

I highly recommend their services for anyone that has a project which requires ongoing data collection, as well as historical researching for supportive documentation.  Their work is unparalleled.

Terrenyce J. Cooper


Control Concepts International


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